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Augmenting the voice communication experience 

Voice is everywhere

Voice is Everywhere

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Our voice is how we communicate with the world around us. The once analog form of communication has undergone a revolution in recent years and is now used mostly over digital and virtual platforms. This enables a variety of opportunities to rethink how we communicate with one another.

Machine Learning
Driven Transformation

The major leaps in voice communications have been made possible by recent machine learning breakthroughs.

At Meaning, we harness the power of those advanced capabilities to transform your voice into much more than the words you say and unlock the full potential of your voice.


Vision and Mission

Empower companies to deliver revolutionary voice-driven experiences using our products and enhancing every audio stream — in real-time!

Key Components

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Support any speaker, with low resource requirements, and immediate onboarding.



Preserve the verbal and non-verbal content of the conversation – tone, duration, emotions and other voice timbres.



Offer a seamless and natural conversion experience with unnoticeable latency.


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