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Meaning for Contact Centers

Seamlessly blend generative AI and human warmth to empower your agents to deliver exceptional service and unparalleled CSAT.

Transform Your Challenges into Opportunities

Improve Service Quality - Icon

Improve Service Quality

Maximize agent intelligibility and fluency by removing language barriers - increasing understanding and improving call outcomes.

Enhance Agent Performance - Icon

Enhance Agent Performance

Bridge accent barriers, reduces caller misunderstanding, and make calls more pleasant. Agents love it — and you’ll love reduced turnover.

Decrease Operational Cost - Icon

Cut Operational Costs

Leverage offshore labor and make customers and agents happier - by removing common cause of misunderstanding — accent.

Drive Sustainable Growth - Icon

Build Trust and Empathy

Preserve the human touch: prosody, timbre, emotion and empathy, enabling agents to build trust and quickly solve callers’ problems. 

Make Real Impact

Improve your business metrics by enhancing efficiency, boosting customer satisfaction, and drive measurable growth across all touchpoints.

arrow-down-solid 23%
Average Handle Time
arrow-up-solid 27%
Conversational Fluency
arrow-up-solid 25%
Customer Satisfaction

See What Our Customers Say

DeepTech Group is very excited about the possibilities that our Advisory partnership with Meaning brings to our Network. With our AI vetting and deep go-to-market expertise in the customer services markets, we see Meaning as a disruptive technology and a game changer for those companies that offshore support and serve customers and build trust locally. This means the world is a bit smaller.

Meaning's ability to dynamically transform an agent's voice to match the voice of the customer is game changing. Not only does it impact average handle time, conversion rates, and unnecessary customer escalations, the improvements in conversational fluency also dramatically improve overall customer satisfaction.

Using Meaning’s professional voice avatars improved the conversation experience for our customers, making the agents easily understood, reducing the average time to complete a sales call, and improving efficiency.

Key Features

Real-time Voice Conversion
Noise Cancellation
Conversational Fluency
Dialog Coaching

Real-time Voice Conversion

Transform any accent in real-time and make your customers feel like they're talking to their next-door neighbor.


Noise Cancellation

Remove unwanted background noises to improve the quality of conversation and reduce handle time.


Conversational Fluency

Ensure your customers can quickly understand your agents and get the support they need.


Dialog Coaching

Post-conversation feedback will motivate your agents and lead to better outcomes.


Reimagine Your Voice

Ready to see how Meaning can transform real-time communications, remove language barriers, and provide exceptional conversational experiences?

Contact us and try Meaning for yourself.